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  • Exploring-ORWAI-Aug-2014-no-wordsThe highlight of my vacation home to Canada (aside from the much-need break from the Texas heat) was a personal tour of several adventure trails and covered bridges in the Oromocto River Watershed. After many years of working with Robin and Diane on the website, it was wonderful to visit these special places. Although the pictures on the website capture the beauty of the watershed, they still don’t compare to seeing them in person. Those beautiful landscapes will truly take your breath away!
    Karla Fisher, CEO, Authentic Web Solutions, LLC
  • “Over the years I have tried to visit and explore every waterfall, lake, pond, stream, mountain, hill; and vale contained in this vast area of the Oromocto Watershed. They have been adventures that have filled my soul and helped make my life more complete. We need to be proud and protective of what we have in our neighborhood, our watershed. I hope you will want to protect it in any way that you can. I trust that you will share your experiences with others and leave the next generation a place that is precious and unspoiled. Through awareness and participation you will become a proud sponsor. I’m sure you will be filled with special rewards and your life will be fuller and richer.”
    Robin Hanson, President, Oromocto River Watershed Association Inc.

What is a Watershed?

“Water runs downhill” and a watershed is a land area whose runoff drains into any stream, river, lake and ocean. All land is part of a watershed and we all live in a watershed. As water flows downhill in small to progressively larger streams and rivers, it moves over land and provides water for urban, agricultural and environmental needs. The watershed community is made up of everyone who lives there plus all other plant and animal life. We, as humans along with plant and animal life depend on the watershed and influence it in some way. A watershed collects water from rainfall, it stores water of various amounts, it releases water as runoff, it provides diverse sites for chemical reactions to take place and it also provides habitat for floral and fauna. Human activities affect all of the functions of a watershed. It is up to us to improve and protect our watersheds for the generations to come.