Who We Are?

The Oromocto River Watershed Association Inc. (ORWAI) is a non-profit organization committed to the improvement of the Oromocto River Watershed.

Our Mission Statement

The Oromocto River Watershed should be managed as a healthy ecosystem that balances a variety of interests, including commercial, economic, tourism and recreation as well as public and private landowners.

All stakeholders are committed to preserving the scenic and pristine nature of the watershed in a manner consistent with the pursuits of all user groups.

The Oromocto River Watershed should serve the communities while maintaining a healthy resource for generations to come. It is vitally important to build with stakeholders, volunteer groups and individuals to promote involvement in education, awareness, utilization and action plans for watershed improvements.

The (ORWAI) advocacy strategy should actively promote and sustain productive partnership with government agencies, industry, towns, villages, communities and individuals.

Our Board of Directors

  • President- Robin Hanson
  • Vice President- Russell Smith
  • Secretary-Treasurer- Diane Wood
  • Town-Tourism Liaison- Bill Jarrett
  • Trail Development- Elmo MacDonald, Robert Kelly, Jim DeVenney
  • Sporting Events- Phil Barrett
  • Website- Authentic Web Solutions and Diane Wood
  • Base Gagetown Liaison- Larry Baba
  • River Reports- Raymond Noble, Russell Smith, Wayne Baker
  • Richard Baker
  • Bryce Allen

What We Do?


With our programs the whole family can come out to play and learn together.  Learn more »

Nature Trails

Explore the beautiful nature trails of the Oromocto Watershed.  Learn more »


 Discover the research and surverys conducted by our dedicated board.  Learn more »