Photo Contest

This is a new program for our watershed which invites our adventure visitors to send their photos to be shared on our website.

Please provide your name, and contact information, GPS location if you have it or your best description of where you took the photo.

For the time being please send your photos by email to this address: PPLAZA@NBNET.NB.CA

We will post all photos on this program site for public to view.

By the end of November we will ask our members to choose the best photos in the following categories:

  1. Scenery and landscape
  2. People
  3. Wildlife
  4. Rare and unusual photos

Rules – submit as many photos as you wish

  • Photos MUST be taken within our watershed
  • Make sure you have permission to take personal pictures which can be published.
  • Photos can be enhanced by computer but nothing can be added or taken away other than cropping.

Prizes- top three in each category will be forwarded to media to be featured.
Winners will be acknowledged on website.