Stream Naming

Our Watershed Association was very surprised to discover many of the smaller streams are not named. There are probably 50 or more.

In 2013 we felt that it was very important to address this problem. Firstly we placed stream names on all the existing named  brooks, streams and rivers in our watershed. This was a very big job; we placed around 250 stream signs on existing bridges culverts and trees near the streams. The public reaction was very positive indeed. Now there was reference for people traveling in the outback as to where they were. Public was surprised to learn how big our  Oromocto Watershed really was. We still have about 50 more signs to put up.

Great big thanks goes out to the staff of UPS; The Royal Bank Oromocto and Dobblesteyn Signs Ltd. who provided funding and product in kind to make this program a success.


Now this is challenging and we are asking for public assistance in helping us properly name these streams.  These stream names will eventually be forwarded to the Government to have them placed on provincial maps.

Firstly – How to arrive at a name.  Most streams and brooks were named after the first landowners who occupied the land .If you lived in an area where you know there is an unnamed stream and you know the local historic name please call me <Robin Hanson>

and tell me all you know about how the stream got its name. Please reference the GPS location of the stream so we don’t get it mixed up. Secondly streams may be named after a specific land feature or a happening in history. We are looking for someone to take on this project and see it through. We have asked local trappers and hunters to help supply names. Please help if you can.