Proposed Pedestrian Bridge

In 1958, the Oromocto Highway Bridge was removed from the lower Lincoln route. For over 50 years much discussion has taken place on the possibility of building a pedestrian bridge to join the walking trails on the Oromocto Side to the walking trails on the Lincoln side using the existing piers and abutments.
The Oromocto River Watershed conducted a public survey in 2010 requesting input and interest in reviving this idea. The survey interviewed hundreds of citizens over a six month period and the results were in favor of the bridge. Discussions were held with NB Tourism and Oromocto. It was realized that a pedestrian bridge across the Oromocto River would definitely be a great tourist attraction for the town.

The big Question: At what cost?

The Oromocto River Watershed was asked to come up with how much the structure would cost.
UNB department of Civil Engineering under the guidance of Dr. Trevor Hanson took on the project to help establish design and costs. Two groups of senior engineering students took on the three months project. Group one chose an all steel design and came in under $600,000 dollars. Group two chose a covered bridge design and came in under $1,300,000. This engineering effort provides two real choices; the very practical steel bridge and the traditional covered bridge

We thank the generosity of Dr. Hanson and engineering students. This generous effort would have cost Oromocto upwards of $50,000. Thank you!

The Oromocto Watershed is helping to facilitate the next phase by engaging a professional structural engineer to review the existing bridge foundations. He will also be working with a local bridge fabricator to create the bridge blueprints. It is expected that this portion of the work will take about two months.
When most of the engineering is complete our watershed will make presentation to Oromocto Mayor and Council for input and review. We all hope that the project can be completed for under $600,000.

From that point, should funding become available, we will be ready to start building the bridge. It is great to see professionals from our community volunteer their time and resources for such an interesting community project.

We will keep you posted as the project moves forward.

Robin Hanson


GPS Coordinates: N 45°51’07.0″N 66°28’40.6″W