Sand Brook Falls Adventure Trail

Only 10 minutes off the road, one of the very few waterfalls that you can walk behind. Only about 4 meters high and it is beautiful! There are two short caves on each side of the falls, 3 to 4 meters deep.

NOTE: Remember, Sand Brook Falls 4 is just 50 meters upstream from Sand Brook Falls 3. Most people miss it. This is a fun place to be . The road is generally good in the summer and fall.

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GPS Coordinates Sand Brook Falls Trail Head: N 45°24’14.81″ W 66°29’31.16″


GPS Coordinates Sand Brook Falls 3: N 45°24’13.82″ W 66°29’23.52″


GPS Coordinates Sand Brook Falls 4: N 45°24’13.2″ W 66°29’22.6″